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"He is the Lone Ranger of country music", George Hamilton IV.

Latest Radio Single: I Believe is the latest single released to radio on 25th November 2015 from country singer James Kilbane.  Kilbane’s taste in music is very wide ranging. One of the things which have maintained him over the years is his ability to know his fans and to appreciate what they most enjoy listening to. Sometimes James takes chances by diversifying so as not to become predictable or relying on past successes. James has grown up listening to Irish, country, pop and rock and effectively combines country and other styles with his love of inspirational in this latest single release of the timeless song I Believe.I Believe is now on release to radio nationwide and will also be available for download from iTunes and other internet sites. 

Latest Album: James Kilbane's latest album release is ‘Mary: The Lord's servant’ and is released in association with Veritas Publications, Dublin, Ireland.  This and all James Kilbane Christian albums are available across Ireland from Veritas stores and all leading religious centres and shops. James Kilbane secular country and Irish albums are also available to Irish stores and on the internet. In the United Kingdom all gospel albums are available from all St. Paul’s and Pauline Bookshops.  Internationally all James Kilbane music can be purchased from, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and another internet sites. 

In Ireland James is a leading voice in Christian and country gospel music. James is an experienced performer and tours regularly at home and abroad with his country influenced gospel and faith based events.  If you would like to read more about James, his music and life please click on Read More or Biography.  To contact James for events or general enquires please email us from the Contact page.

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